Dental Impalnts



With nearly 500 dental implants a year, and a success rate over 95%, our Dental Implants Center is the natural choice
for patients around the globe. From Brazil to Japan, Australia to Boston, our patients rave about us on all six continents.
“ My teeth are the envy of everybody ” – Ben Wegener, Germany
We support multiple dental implant systems – from the Nobel Biocare Implant System to the Zimmer Implant
System – and apply a range of advanced techniques like teeth-in-an-hour, keyhole dental implants, bone grafting,
etc to ensure that you get the most appropriate dental implant treatment.
Whether you wear flippers or dentures, missing teeth can be more than just an inconvenience. It can get downright
embarrassing and that too at the worst possible moment. Dentures that refuse to stay in place, wobbling and clicking
noises, can all cause moments of acute personal and social anxiety. Apart from that, you also end up having to
miss out on your favorite hard and
crunchy foods.
Dental Implants that look and feel just like normal teeth will restore your confidence, allow you to speak, laugh, and chew without restraint. No longer do you have to keep yourself in check for fear of dislodgement, damage, or public embarrassment. Made of surgical grade, bio-compatible titanium, your dental implant is designed to give you a lifetime of satisfaction.

Dental Implant Systems

When you come to Radhika dental hospitals, you get a comprehensive, professional, personalized, and objective evaluation of your dental implant needs. Using sophisticated scanning equipment and implant planning software, we determine the most viable options for your treatment. Our dental surgeons will then explain these choices to you in clear, simple, non-medical terms. They will also explain any medical risks based on your medical history and oral habits.

Advanced Dental Implant Procedures

For both implant systems, we use advanced procedures if appropriate and medically advisable. Depending on your oral health, you may be a viable candidate for:

  • Teeth-in-an-hour: In this procedure, it takes just one hour to fit the dental implant and artificial teeth. Usually this is an outpatient procedure and you can get back to normal life with minimum disruption to your regular schedule.
  • Keyhole Dental Implants: Increasingly, we favor the keyhole dental implant technique as it is less traumatic and aids faster healing. In traditional implants, an incision in the gums is required to place the implant. In the keyhole surgery, we determine the precise and safest placement of the dental implant in a computer simulation using a 3-D image of your jaw structure. The final simulation goes to a laboratory in Sweden for fabrication of the surgical guide (Nobel-guide) which reaches us within six working days. The surgical guide (stent) is fabricated to the precise dimensions of your gum and teeth contours and we are able to place the implant with minimum intrusion and maximum.

Bone Graft for Dental Implants

If you do not have sufficient bone mass in your jaws, we may need to graft a bone into the jaw before we can start the actual implant. This could involve a further waiting period of six months. However, with the tremendous advances in dental implant technology .

Graftless Dental Implants

The Branemark Zygoma Dental Implant System

This revolutionary dental implant system eliminates the need for bone grafting altogether. Traditionally, if you did not have sufficient bone mass in your jaws, the only option was dental surgery for a bone graft. This would then create sufficient foundation for the dental implant. The Branemark Zygoma System is a graftless dental implant system where the implant is directly embedded in your cheekbones (medically referred to as Zygoma). This approach is on par with other advanced techniques like teeth-in-an-hour or keyhole placement. Your total treatment time could be as low as a week or two and likewise your healing would be much faster. Radhika dental hospitals are among the pioneers in adopting the Branemark Zygoma Implant system and among the top 5 practitioners in India